Introduction to the Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is a powerful tool to help you research what keywords people are typing into Google to either use those keywords for content on your website or to gather information to secure a keyword rich domain name.

The best way to find the Google Keyword Tool, is to do a search for it by typing “keyword tool” in Google.

You will come to a page that looks like this:

The main things to look at here is the words or phrase section. In here, you would type the keyword terms or phrases. For example if you wanted to find out about weight loss, you would type that in. You could then add another keyword or phrase and just hit enter to go onto the next line and add your keywords.


weight loss
fat loss
how to lose weight

Once you have entered your keywords or phrase, you must check the [Exact] checkbox and uncheck the Broad checkbox under the Match Types Menu on the left hand side. The reason for this is because you will only want to find out the exact words or phrases that people are typing into Google for their search.

Depending on what country you want to search, you must select it under the Advanced Options and Filters area. Click on the + sign and expand the options. Choose the country you want to focus on and leave the rest of the details.

Now is time to type in the Captcha text. A tip here, all you have to type in is the word that you do not really understand. So in the image you will leave out the “are” word and type in the “tesleg” letters.

Another important note is if you have a Google account, such as a Gmail account, sign in before you use the tool as it gives you more options and search results.

So now that you have filled in the Captcha text or have signed in, hit the search button.

Ok, so we see our search results. The three main keyword phrase we used are indicated at the very top. If you look at the “weight loss” row, you will notice the competition to be high, which is to be expected. Global Monthly Searches is based on English speaking countries around the world and the Local Monthly Searched is what we are interested in. If you are looking at a local region such as Australia, then 9,900 people per month type in those keywords and remember they are typing those words exactly, nothing more, nothing less.

So now we know that 9,900 people are searching the keywords “weight loss”. It is good to know what people are typing in, so we can target our marketing to them and add the keywords to our website content. If you wanted to take a step further and find out if the domain name is available for that keyword term, then you would use a domain register to find out if it is and if it is, then grab it, because it would be a very good domain name to own.

The Keyword Ideas are Googles way to help you out in your search. They can be related keyword terms or phrases or not. It is best to note down the highly searched keywords to add into your website, or look for a keyword rich domain name.

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