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Ok, so you’ve got a digital product that you want to share to the world.

This article will explain to you how to go about it (in step form) and what is involved.

1. FIrstly, you need a product.

It does’nt have to just be an eBook, it can be a audio, video, membership website, digital download of some form, anything. As long as it does not take you any more effort to sell again and again and again. That’s the beauty of a digital product, build it once and sell it forever.

2. Secondly you need a payment processor.

Go setup a Clickbank account, or alternatively there are other payment processors such as Paypal or E-junkie. Those are all good to use, depending on your budget of course.

You will need to jump through a bunch of hoops to qualify for Clickbank, however just get it done! Time is money!

  • Clickbank charges 7.5% + $1 after every sale through it’s doors.
  • Paypal takes a 2.4% + $0.30  fee per transaction and
  • E-Junkie charges $5 per month per 10 products and depending on the more products you are selling, the price goes up.

3. Thirdly you need a landing page.

See our recent project 28 Days Eat Healthy Be Alive eBook and you will see a landing page in action that is making money.  Yeehaa!

Components of a successful landing page.

The components of a sales page is to keep in mind that different people will want different things. Some are visual, some are logical, some are you know what, anyway, it is important to have elements that include an answer to a problem and how your product can solve the problem. It needs to have the correct copy, meaning that the words you write are very important. There must be headings and sub headings to cater for the skimming type people. Try to add a video, they say a picture says a thousand words, well a video says a thousand pictures.

Social Proof.

Social proof is an important factor and can lead people to buy something they think that other people have purchased. Kind of like a sheep thing! Testimonials are vital to your success on the landing page, again social proof can say alot and if you can get a video of a testimonial, even better!

Keep your target market in mind

The landing page needs to fit within the theme of your product. No use putting a block of chocolate on the page when you might be selling an eBook about how to build a shed. Unless you are giving away a block of chocolate per product. More work!

4. Fourthly, Security of your product

Ok, so you’ve spent the majority of your last 6 months creating a product, staying up late, living on caffeine and fighting with your sleep neglect and you’ve started to share your product to the world and why would you allow people (your customers) to share your product with the rest of the world for free. Now, of course there is not a 100% method to stopping someone from sharing your product out to friends, family and torrents, so you just gotta expect that to happen.

However, you can minimise it. How? Well you need a system where the customer comes back from the payment processor (Clickbank, Paypal etc) and lands on a Thank you page. From there a link is available to click on to download the product. However the link is only available for a small amount of time, eg 24 – 48 hrs. This gives the customer enough time to download the product and once the time period is up, the link dies and cannot be shared, thus saving your precious product from getting into the hands of free loaders.

And Last but not least…

5. Fifth, you need Affiliates

Affiliates are people just like you and me who want to make some money by selling other people’s stuff. Hopefully yours!

This is where Clickbank comes in handy, because it is a well known platform to sell products from and setup affiliates to sell your product for you very easily.

You need to collect a large army of affiliates, who, for a share in the sales price as a commission will shamelessly promote your product without your having to think about it. There are a couple of ways of doing it. Tell people to become an affiliate, like a customer who has already purchased the book. Have a link on your landing page. And just ask friends and family.

Once people decide to become a Clickbank affiliate they need to sign up to Clickbank and find your product in the marketplace and grab a hoplink, which is a special link that is associated only with the affiliate and tracks the website visitor, so that when they purchase, Clickbank will know who to pay the commission to.

An example of a hoplink is this one: https://6bc9fkepy97hlq5zu2o7yphm9f.hop.clickbank.net/

So that;s pretty much what you need to start selling a digital product. Have you sold a digital product lately? Did you setup a landing page? How is it going?

Do you need help putting a landing page process like above? If so, give Paul a call on 0405 614 155.





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