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At Gold Coast Business Websites, we offer excellent training and consulting in everything web.

Search Engine Optimisation

Even though you may have a website, there is more to know about how to get your website up on page one (1) of search engines and recieve organic searches rather than having to “tell the world”.

There are over 200 factors why a search engine will rank your website well and it is important to utilise the known wasy to increase your website effectiveness. Some of these factors include:

  • Keyword rich domain name.
  • Relevant content for what people are actually searching for.
  • Quality backlinks from authority websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube etc.
  • Directory listings
  • Continuous blogging on your website
  • Many more…

Have you got a Social Media Strategy?

It is no longer good enough to have just a website. You need to be present on other websites that people frequently visit such as Facebook or Linkedin.

Did you know that Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine with approx. 20 million visits per month. Imagine creating a series of “how to” videos about your products and services.

We can help you to identify what your clients are looking for online and how to gear yourself to be on the screen as results for them to give you a call or use your product or service.

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