School Holiday Activities Gold Coast

School Holiday Activites Gold CoastAre you looking for a school holiday activity on the Gold Coast that is different and which will teach your child a skill for life?

We offer an exciting 2 day hands on WordPress website course in which we teach your child how to build a fully functioning, search engine friendly website.

In our course, they will learn about the internet, how to register and manage domain names, setup hosting and build and manage a website from the very beginning and much much more.

The course is designed to be very beginner friendly and with Paul Luxford as an experienced website developer and WordPress website trainer, your child is in the best of hands.

Think of the possibilities of what your child could accomplish with knowing how to build and manage their own website/s. They could be the next Bill Gates!

There is no limit to what they can do with the knowledge they learn in our 2 day WordPress website course.

With their new skills they could:

  1. Build an online store.
  2. Create websites for local businesses.
  3. Create a website on an interest they have.
  4. Manage an already existing website.
  5. Begin the steps to understand and apply coding and go on and develop advanced websites or apps.

The world is becoming a smaller place and more and more people are discovering ways to use the internet to create ways of making an income and utilizing technology to further advance themselves. Don’t allow your child to slip behind and perhaps miss out on the chance to become part of the world changing online trend.

To enrol your child in one of the No#1 school holiday activities on the Gold Coast, visit our 2 Day Hands On WordPress Website Training course page to find out about our upcoming courses and reserve a seat for your child.

Please note that our trainers hold valid blue cards and the courses are available at all times of the year.


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