If you don’t have an SSL Certificate,
Google will mark your website as “Not Secure”

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What is an SSL Certificate?

To start with, SSL means “Secure Socket Layer” and its primary function is to provide an encrypted connection between your web server and your site visitor’s browser. To encrypt the connection means to secure the data that your visitors provide your website such as their personal information, passwords and credit card information from being intercepted or stolen.

Benefits of having SSL

Google will like your website more, and rank you better. 
If your website is compliant with Google’s requirements such as having SSL, your website will rank better than other websites that do not have SSLs yet. 

If you wanted to take Credit Card payments on your website, you now can, as the credit card info will be encrypted. 
Instead of sending people to another site to take payment, such as Paypal, you will be able to take credit card payments directly on your website. Look at the bottom of this page and you will see what we mean. 

Website visitors will feel safer, knowing that their connection to your website is secure and their data is not being stolen. 
Aside from providing encryption, it also creates trust with authentication, which assures your visitors that they are sending their information to the correct web server and not to another site pretending to be your website to steal their information. How can your site visitors be assured? They will see visual indicators on their browser. If the website they are visiting is secured, they should see this:

If a website does not have SSL installed, it will be marked as “Not secure” like this:

Do I really need an SSL?

Yes, all websites will need SSL, particularly if you run an Ecommerce website selling products, or a simple business website collecting information via contact forms and login admin areas.

Purchase your SSL Certificate Now for only $195 (normally $245)

Simply complete the form below and submit payment via Credit Card. All transactactions are secure and processed via Stripe. 

What’s included in the purchase:  

  • One time Installation of Server Side SSL Certificate on your website*
  • Full database update to HTTPS.
  • Update Google Analytics & Search Console.
  • Complete Verification upon installation.

* If your hosting supplier does not support their own server side SSL Certificate, you will need to purchase a 3rd party SSL Certificate. 

Depending on the host, it will require a manual installation. It is best to ask your host if they do provide a server side SSL Certificate (eg Lets Encrypt) prior to signing up below. 

If in doubt, please contact us and we can let you know if it does or not. 

If you are hosting with Godaddy, Hostgator($10 SSL installation fee), CrazyDomains, Netregistry or Bluehost, they offer certificates at additional cost. 

We have found SSL Trust to be professional and provide very competitive pricing on their SSL Certificates.

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