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For those of you who want to know more about me, Paul Luxford, Director of Gold Coast Business Websites, this is your chance.

I will not go into absolute detail about myself, but I will explain why I started Gold Coast Business Websites.

I have been developing websites for the past 10 years and throughout that time, have come to learn several ways and means to build them. I first started using Dreamweaver, a computer software that created websites using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and after awhile I discovered that building websites using this platform had its limitations when my clients would ask me that they wanted to update their websites by themselves.

I stepped away from using Dreamweaver and started using Joomla, a complex website building content management system, again I found that after using this platform that my clients ask me to be able to update the websites themselves, It would normally take a considerable amount of time to learn to use Joomla, so I started to look for another, easier way to develop websites and to also allow my clients to be able to work on their websites.

About a year and half ago, I came to learn about WordPress. WordPress has grown to become a most fantastic way to build websites and also to be able to teach my clients on how to use it has been received very well.

One observation I have come across time and time again is that when someone wants to get a website, they go to a developer and get a great looking functional website and then the client is on their own, left without really knowing about how to operate one of their most crucial investments. Even if the client does want some more work done, they then have to go back the original developer and the client will then have to pay more.

That is why with every website development with Gold Coast Business Websites, every client gets a great website that works for their business and also they get access to 12 months of hands on classes to learn more about how to manage their website at absolutely no further cost. This is absolutely value service that is not seen in any other web development company.

I decided a year ago that I would become an expert at WordPress website development and once I made that decision, people from all walks of life have come into my life to become my most valuable clients.

The greatest satisfaction that I get other than helping my clients to get more leads and make more sales from their online marketing, also to learn more about them and develop long lasting relationships with them to continue to serve them and that makes all the difference.




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